Room is a large room with a number of different types of furniture

We need to think in terms of rooms or spaces inside the house. The size, location, layout and the configuration can be very important.

In this room, we have the kitchen, dining room , living room and bedroom. Each location has its own set of characteristics that you need to consider when designing your furniture in your home. One should not only think about the style but also about functionality and comfort as well.

The room is a part of the house that all of us live in. It is the space that we spend most of our time in. We spend over a third of our daily life here and it’s very important to us. The room has everything we need to be comfortable, cozy and safe.

We should not think of these rooms as „just” spaces but as „rooms” for different activities: sleeping, eating, working etc.. When we put these rooms together everything becomes interesting.

In the past, all the rooms in a house were the same – one big room with one or two small rooms off it. But that is not true anymore.

The walls and floors had to be changed so that different parts of a house were separated by walls and floors. This resulted in different areas being connected by windows or doors and different areas being connected by carpeting instead of wallpaper. Nowadays, we have smaller bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, family rooms etc., and each of them has its own distinct look and feel.

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