A room is an autonomous system with a defined internal structure and containers that can be placed inside it

Carpet is the most important part of the room, so we need to see it from different angles. The floor and the wall are two sides of carpet. A wall is a single surface for which we have different perspectives. We often tend to think about these three aspects as separate objects, but they are not really independent entities. They are just pieces of one single thing: a wall or a floor. They can be seen together as one whole object called „room”.

To me, this concept seems so straightforward and obvious that I find it hard to understand why people mostly still do not grasp this simple idea in their minds when they look at real-life rooms like their own home.

A room is a feature that every house has but only a few people know about it. It is the feature that differentiates every house from other houses. It can be the feature of a small apartment or of your own home. The room can be built with walls, flooring, windows and furniture and other features. A room can serve many purposes; it can be a living space with enough space for two families or just give you privacy when you want to read by yourself in front of the TV. We don’t need to go out to look at our rooms, we appreciate them everywhere we are – in our homes and offices where we work, out at night on our patio, and in public places like hotels or restaurants.

In the room, you will find many details. The window, the wallpaper and so on. These details are related to us and what we do outside of our homes. This information is also very important for us because it helps us to take care of our home at all times.

Room is a very important topic in our lives and we need to be careful that we don’t forget anything important. We should not only pay attention to what’s around the house but also what’s inside it. For example, there could be a spill or a chair could fall down and break, or even something simple like a door can be left open and someone walks into your house without permission. Someone could slip on the stairs or get hurt in an accident while walking around your home, or even get lost somewhere running.

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